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Have you issued P11Ds to your employees? The filing deadline is 6th July and the payment deadline is 19th July.

Avoid child benefit clawback

Couples who receive child benefit are in danger of having some of that benefit clawed back as a tax charge if the higher earner has annual income of over £50,000. When the higher earner has income exceeding £60,000 all of the family's child benefit is clawed back.

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Redundancy pay

Making staff redundant is hard for any small business as employees can become as close as family. Any employees you let go are entitled to a written statement setting out the amount of their redundancy payment and how it was calculated so it is important to get this right.

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Sick pay refunds

If you have paid statutory sick pay (SSP) to employees who were unable to work because they had COVID-19 symptoms, or they self-isolated because someone in their household had such symptoms, you may be eligible to reclaim that SSP.

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Working at home expenses

Many workplaces are currently closed and employees working at home where possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This comes with advantages, not least avoiding the daily commute, but may also create costs for the employee such as additional power and water used whilst working.

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